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You have set the bar high, and achieved outward success – but you recognize the toll it has taken on you.

You’re executives and teachers, moms and scientists, entrepreneurs and team leads.  You’re driven by the desire to know that your work matters; you value integrity, excellence and accomplishment.  You regularly give 100%.  The world around you has come to expect this of you.

The golden thread is that you see yourself as a leader, whether you have a formal title, or not.

But, maybe you’ve taken a wrong turn along the way. Maybe success doesn’t feel like you thought it would and now you’re wondering: where do I go from here? What do I really want?

Or perhaps you’re at a point in your life where you wonder why your repeated efforts fall short of the mark you set for yourself.  What’s in the way of you realizing the goals that matter most?  Have the goals shifted while you weren’t paying attention?

I help women recommit to themselves and step into their own genuine and powerful style of leadership, one that provides not only outward results but also a great and lasting sense of personal fulfillment.

I want hard-working women like you to move away from depletion and burnout, and instead move toward sustainable fulfillment.  Because, when you show up from a place of fulfillment the groups, teams and organizations you lead are better able to achieve the results they want.  And the important relationships in your life become drastically better.

What’s required is you owning your power, which means consciously and carefully tending to yourself on the inside even as you pay attention to what’s happening around you.  From there, cultivating relationships based in vulnerability, collaboration and impeccable communication.  This style of leadership inspires a follow-on effect.  Others own their power as well.  The tide rises. There’s no better win-win than this.

Let’s work together.