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One on One Personal Leadership Coaching

I’m a coach for women leaders.  You’re leaders of families, leaders of communities, leaders of teams and divisions and companies and non-profits.  Behind the scenes, you’re leading your life.  The point isn’t WHAT you lead, but HOW you lead.

In partnering with me, you can expect these results:

  • Work / life conflict becomes work / life integration
  • Renewed sense of purpose
  • Shifts from depleted to nourished, exhausted to energized
  • Healthier relationships at work and in your personal life
  • Successful leadership — as you define it
  • Increased clarity, which means better decision-making

You’ve hit a point where your leadership needs some love.

Maybe you’ve mistakenly believed that you’re a lone wolf and you must take on the big stuff all alone.  Perhaps you’re finding distance or dysfunction in your key relationships.  Even if your initiatives are driving the results you want, you’re underwhelmed.  The effort you’re putting in doesn’t result in your own deep fulfillment.  You’re at a pivot point.

You have innate gifts that serve you well.  And as you also know, other skills (both soft and hard) are needed to lead effectively, and you’re doing what you can to build these skills so you can close gaps and create ease.

Now’s the time to roll up your sleeves and deepen your leadership from the inside-out.

This means using, renewing and managing your power, which begins with recognizing how you habitually abuse, mis-use and distort it.  From there you will repair power leaks and dial up the areas where you find yourself lacking.

It calls for alignment with values and clarity of purpose.  It means developing presence, and radiating that presence outward.

It also requires impeccable communication skills.  You’re responsible for showing up authentically in all of your relationships.  This requires that your voice be freed and your vulnerability be on offer along with your unwavering sovereignty.  The key tools we rely on for these competencies : empathy, genuine curiosity, and deep respect.

I weave the 12 Elements of Power ™, Emotional Intelligence, and many concepts from the Playing Big Leadership Program for Women into my customized coaching.  We’ll use the tools you need to catalyze the change you seek.

Let me help.  Here’s what our partnership offers you:

  • A personal inventory, noting where you hold yourself back and where you overdo it.
  • A close look at the habits that may not be serving you.
  • A gentle yet insistent reminder that self-compassion is the fuel you need to do this work.  We’ll be sure that your tank is consistently being replenished.
  • A practical, results-oriented alliance designed to help you move past blind spots and into more effective leadership

The Specifics:

  • One preparation package
  • One 75-minute foundational session (via phone or Skype)
  • Three 60-minute coaching sessions per month (via phone or Skype)
  • Mp3 recordings of all sessions
  • Email communication throughout the partnership

The Personal Leadership Coaching package is an investment of $450 per month.  Clients tend to work with me for 3-6 months; we’ll know when you’re complete.

Interested in a test-drive?  Let’s talk. We’ll see if we’re a good fit, and if personal leadership coaching is for you.

Group or Team Facilitation

I have a knack for creating an environment of trust and ease, which then allows for productive interaction and rich experiential learning among your team members.  Let’s talk about me facilitating your next board meeting or offsite – I’ll co-design the agenda with you, then you take the helm while I create and maintain the container.  Contact me to learn more.


My half-day or full-day workshops for women are a seamless blend of facilitated content plus on-the-spot group work and guided individual exploration.  These workshops are specifically designed for the women within your organization, on the topics that matter to them.  I can also put together a daylong experience for your women’s group, book club or BFF’s.   Contact me to learn more.

Virtual Programs

For those of you who learn best on your own with a bit of guidance from afar, I offer online group programs for women.  They include interactive teaching, facilitated discussion and individual work; participants have called my groups “life-changing” and “truly transformational”.  Sign up here to be on the early notification list.