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Why we gather


I just got back from a much-needed visit to the San Francisco Bay area.  My one and only intent for the trip?  To gather with my best friends and bask in the love we create together.

This trip was a strategic investment.  The ROI on the endeavor?  Off the charts.  My business, my parenting, and my health are all supercharged with fresh energy and insight.  I’m full-up with ideas and motivation.

(And a little overfed on fabulous food and wine…)

As women, we need connection like we need the key vitamins.  We require high-quality, undiluted time with people who reflect back to us who we are and why we matter.  We need to be witnessed, we need to be met, we need the shared space of empathy.

Without it, we wither.  We get depleted.  We forget that we’re part of an enormous web and that our participation in that interconnected organism is critical to our sense of self.  It’s just as important as shaping and finessing the unique expression we bring out into the world.

We move constantly between knowing ourselves as self-reliant, and knowing ourselves as connected.

And sometimes we err on the side of doing the self-reliance dance.  That’s where I was when my flight touched down in Oakland – tired, resentful, feeling like a martyr.  I didn’t sign up to be a lone wolf, and yet I sure felt like one.  The beautiful thing is that back home I once again know how completely I am held, how strong are the arms supporting me, and how my contribution to their lives matters as much as theirs to mine.  I got my dose, and it has returned me to a place of equilibrium.

I want this to be the experience for all of us; to know that each time we forget that there’s another side of the equation, we can find our way back.  All it takes is an ask to be met.  It’s as simple as a phone call, or better yet a walk in the woods that ends in a big hug.

We’re hard-wired for connection.  Keep the circuits open.

:: ———————– ::

Exciting news : the doors are open for another small group program; the Women’s Coaching Circle.  I’m accepting applications now for 8 women to join me in a guided exploration of personal power and sustainable change. This circle will hold whatever issue is “up” for you right now, whether in your personal or your professional life.  We’ll use your topics to seed conversation and learning that applies to us all.  This program will be heavy on personalized attention, meaningful connection and targeted learning – you’ll have 1:1 coaching both in the group and privately with me.  I’d love for you to join us!


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