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Where’s your fairy godmother?

At the core, each and every one of us is magnificent.  We are animated by pure, simple, radiance.  If you could look into a mirror that reflected your inner brilliance, you’d be dazzled by what you saw.

The problem is, we’re like the princesses in the fairy tales.  We live as if there’s a spell on us.  We hide our brilliance beneath layers and layers of emotional debris and over time, we forget that it’s right there at the core of our being.  We share with the world a tiny fraction of who we really are.  We come to believe that we’re not the princesses after all.  In fact, we think we’re the creatures we were turned into by our evil stepmothers.

Why on earth do we do that?  Why do we diminish ourselves?

Well, look around to find the answer.  The layers that cover up our brilliance typically come from “out there”.  We allow the world around us to tell us who we are and what we want.  We construct our lives using “should’s”, “ought to’s” and conventional wisdom that may or may not be right for us.  Even though there’s a reliable voice deep inside, we ignore it in favor of the booming voices out there.

Another layer is made up of limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves.  We aren’t strong enough, gifted enough, or even capable.  Although these outdated stories are no longer true we wrap ourselves tightly in them and allow them to keep our brilliance hidden.

And then there are several layers of fear about what it would be like to really, truly shine.  To be successful in the truest sense of the word.  To move beyond doubt, through action, into brilliance.  These layers are the heaviest ones, the ones that really do the job well.

Party with the beautiful people

Imagine being at a gathering of lucky souls whose fairy godmothers broke their spells.  They reclaimed themselves and busted out the brilliance that had been shrouded all those centuries.  They were overjoyed to be free of limitations and able to be themselves.  Their true selves.  What would it be like to party with these folks?

You’d experience heartfelt connection.  You would witness expressions of pure joy.  People would show up and meet each other with honesty, curiosity and compassion.

How can you break the spell, and reclaim yourself?

Living your brilliance means saying No to old habits and limitations.  Peeling back the layers so your brilliance can shine involves an inner journey that begins with recognizing your values and using them as a compass.  You will need to shine a flashlight on your strengths, recognize your beliefs, and find the map that leads you toward inside-out living.

At the risk of sounding like a cheerleader, I know you can do this!  I have watched in awe as my coaching clients peeled back the layers and rediscovered their dazzle.  To make it easy on you, I’ve written an eGuide that helps you reconnect to your values, your gifts and your vision.   And to make it easier, it’s free with your subscription to my newsletter.

Get the eGuide now.

The good news is; 100% of us have this brilliance at our core.  And you don’t need a fairy godmother to break the spell.


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  • Christiana January 19, 2011, 9:49 am

    I’m so grateful for the moment!
    I’ve signed up for Mamamorphosis since … a long time, but I have to admit I don’t read it everytime…
    I really feel right now the timing couldn’t be better! I’m looking forward to this e-course and there’s something telling me it was not by chance… A voice inside “the layers” is screaming for purpose!
    Nice “meeting” you Amy!

  • Amy Kessel January 25, 2011, 8:20 am

    Hi Christiana,
    Nice meeting you too! I’d love to hear how the eCourse goes for you, so please feel free to send me an email or find me on Facebook.

    Hoping the voice gets heard,

  • Michelle Medina January 26, 2011, 11:02 pm

    Go Amy! A beautiful post & written on my birthday no less!