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What’s Your Why?

Serendipity is not subtle.

You’ve heard that “…what you teach you most need to learn, right?  Well, I’m leading a course right now and it just so happens that the same topic I taught in my morning session was served up to me later that day on a call with my fellow participants in Tara Gentile’s group coaching program.  The very same day.

Yeah.  Kindof a strong coincidence.  Kindof a cosmic pow.

I decided to really receive the message being delivered to me.  As in, find another layer here.  Dive a little deeper.  Understand this concept at a cellular level.  And perhaps (gasp!) to do something about it.

Getting to Why

In both cases, we were talking about the Why or the Core Truths that lie at the heart of our endeavors, be they businesses or creative pursuits.  It’s more than the angle that makes my coaching practice different from Sarah’s, or Marian’s artwork stand apart from Lee’s.  And it’s much much more than a marketing tactic you employ to boost sales.

The Why behind the idea is what determines its success – and potentially its ability to change the world.  Your Why is the distillation of your personal manifesto; it’s what you believe.  And it makes for an unbeatable compass, totally reliable even during a major sh*tstorm or other catastrophic inner event.

MLK embodied his Why

In honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, let’s take a look at his incredible achievement.  He championed a movement that radically shifted the landscape in our country at a pivotal time in our history.  He, quite literally, changed the world.

And it’s not because he had a brilliant mind and a generous heart.  Nor is it because he was a magnificent orator.

The civil rights movement has had the impact it has because of the way Dr King led it.  He was guided by vision.  It’s hard to separate his Why from who he was.  He was crystal clear about what he wanted for this country.  He articulated his Why in his speeches again and again.  And all those people went to the Capitol in August 1963 because they resonated with his Why. 

Dr. King didn’t have to do any convincing; he merely spoke his Truth, his Why, and the nation found itself nodding in agreement.  They understood it, they felt the conviction, they wanted the same.  But not for him; those people wanted what Dr King wanted — for themselves.

They wanted it for themselves.  Because they could literally feel it in their hearts too when they listened to his words.  They experienced what he experienced, thanks to his magnificent speeches.

So in service to deeper diving I’m rewriting the Core Truths that serve as the foundation for what I do, and I’m putting them out there to share.  Deep breath.  Hand on beating heart.

Here goes.

My I Have a Dream list:

  • It’s our birthright to be fully self-expressed.  We all want to know and to speak our Truth.
  • The world needs more women to unfurl their magnificence.  This will radically change the status quo.  It’s time.
  • Being heard and seen is a precious gift.
  • Bearing witness is a precious opportunity.
  • I am capable of much, more more than I’m demonstrating right now.  You are too.
  • Vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness.
  • Self-love can heal all wounds and seed all possibility.  Without it we stay damaged and boxed in.
  • We are braver than our fears and more powerful than our limiting beliefs.
  • We want the full-body experience of answering our own particular call.

Yes, this is what I believe.  And this is what lies beneath and behind everything I do as a coach, a writer, a speaker and a collaborator.   

It’s a relief to put these thoughts down and get them out into the world.  And it clears the way for me to do my work here in the way I’m being called to.

What’s your Why?  What motivates you to put pen to paper, or to create the next product, or to seek a new career?  What are your Core Truths, and how do they show up in what you do/how you live/where you resonate?

Share your Why in the comments.  Put it out there and see how it feels to read it in print.  Own it, so you can experience firsthand the power it provides you.

And if you want to harness the power of your Why to bring your business or creative pursuit to the next level, get on the list for my next round of Burst Into Bloom group coaching in April 2012.  It’s where you’ll gain traction on getting your idea off the back burner and out into the world.  Where it’s wanted and needed.

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