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What calls you?


There’s a lot of talk in our online circles about callings and life purpose. It seems that along with exploring these inner navigation systems, some of us have become unnecessarily hard on ourselves: Is mine good enough? How do I find it? What does it mean if I’m not sure what it is? I’m so ________________ I don’t even have a calling!

I believe you are called to live life fully on your own terms. That’s it. To simply and with great satisfaction live a life that is fulfilling to you. Truly, deeply fulfilling. To you.

That’s it. Oh yes, that’s it.

It takes great self-love to name what it is that fulfills us. It means valuing and honoring ourselves enough to figure out and ask for what we truly want. It means knowing ourselves intimately, and being our own fierce advocate.

Following your calling is the act of creating a life that matters to you. It’s the difference between going through the motions and creating your very own framework. It’s being animated by love and trust versus fear and limited thinking.

Callings are not noble, or audacious, or meant to impress. The way you honor what’s calling you may not make sense or be comfortable for those around you.

Sometimes it looks like filling journals filled with sorrowful poetry.

Sometimes it means reconnecting to the roots of your pain and allowing them to permeate your thoughts, your words and your actions.

Sometimes it means going into hibernation to heal.

Sometimes it’s about quitting jobs, leaving marriages or walking away from situations that drain us.

And then there are times the call to live life fully shows up as joyful expression.

Sometimes our callings inspire in us monumental acts of kindness.

Sometimes what calls us results in creative genius.

Sometimes we are called to forge new alliances or repair broken ones.

Sometimes we’re called to step out into the world in bold ways.

Sometimes it’s about sharing love and joy far and wide.

I was in a circle of 24 women led by Jen Louden this weekend, and we sat knee-to-knee in pairs, asking this simple question of each other: What calls you?

My answers came tumbling out in the warm presence of my partner:

I’m called to grieve in an authentic way.
I’m called to dance the pain and to feel my way forward.
I’m called to rise up from these ashes, transformed and reborn.
I’m called to soar. To thrive. To experience ease.
I’m called to deepen my connection with the soul sisters who surround me.
I’m called to listen, listen, listen.

What calls you?


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  • Joy January 15, 2013, 5:20 am

    I’m called to release conditioning and collaborate with love. To honor the expressions of this collaboration as they arise. It seems to be in the arts–painting and photography and poetry (areas I am self-taught, and dabble).
    I’m called to walk at Ocean’s edge each evening at sunset, to absorb the feel of each reflection.
    I’m called to listen to and honor my heart whispers, which recently means healing my body and focusing on whole-body wellness.
    I’m called to become joy..with love and gratitude.

    Thank you!