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Unfurling with Amanda Farough

“Oh THIS is what being a woman feels like.”


Painful.   Ecstastic.   Overflowing with LOVE.








She’s sassy, she’s kind, she’s sharp as a tack, and she’s connected with all the fabulous badass leading ladies of a certain online space.  She’s also a self-proclaimed Canadian geek who rocks code and loves herself a good bit of gaming.

Amanda Farough is the genius behind; she creates beautiful online spaces that do justice to the work of her clientele of world changersI always scroll down to the bottom of the page when I like the feel of a particular website, and I recently found that most of the sites I wanted to stay on were designed by Amanda and her team.  It’s not just the layout and the colors and the look, though she does an amaaaaazing job at that.  I think that Amanda’s genius is in her ability to love her clients’ work out into the open and onto the screen.  As she says, she creates beautiful design for beautiful people.

Lucky clients.

She’s also a wee young thing who has recently become a mama.  Amanda’s unfurling is so poignant — it’s around embracing her joys and responsibilities, coming of age, and recognizing what is truly meant by being a woman.  Read on, and cherish the deliciousness of this precious moment for her.


:: ———————————– ::


What’s unfurling in you right now?

I’m on the cusp of a great rEvolution, both internally and externally. For the first time in my life, I’m paying attention to my desires and needs in a very mindful way. I used to believe that thinking about myself would make me selfish and entirely self-centered. I’ve discovered that taking care of myself helps me to take care of my incredibly A-list clientele. And by taking care of them, I’m taking care of my family.

I’m not doing what other designers are doing. I’m not interested in one-dimensional, “Here’s your website, ma’am.” I’m taking it three (hundred) steps beyond that. Creating online spaces for my clients is a sacred, spiritually charged process. As I help my People step into who they were meant to be, my own unfurling (into a better designer, business owner, mother, and wife) can truly take shape.


Who or what are your allies on this journey?

As with anything in my life: family — biological, chosen, and professional. (I use the term professional rather loosely, of course!) As I close in on the latter half of my twenties, I know I’m going to be facing challenges that I simply couldn’t face alone.

“How can I serve my people in a more wonderful way?”

“How can I be the best _______ (mother, wife, sister, daughter, designer, friend) I can be?”

“How can I make a difference and leave my mark on the world in a positive, beautiful way?”

Moving forward, I also draw strength from knowledge and learning. I read. A lot. I read anything from flufftastic bits of genre fiction to architectural digests to academic papers on psychology and design. Keeps my mind sharp and slakes my incessant thirst for growth. (And, to a lesser extent, my high-strung ambitions.)


How do you stay out of your own way during this unfurling?


It’s hard. I get in my own way ALL THE TIME. I think that’s mainly because I’m impatient and simply don’t want to wait for things to happen in their own time. I like to think I’m peaceful and calm and genuinely around for the journey. In actuality, I’m more of a “get a move on, damn it” kind of person.

When I was pregnant with my son, I was constantly cooing at him to, you know, GET OUT ALREADY. I wanted to meet him so badly! (And get my body back. Pregnancy felt very odd to me.)

Because I err on the side of impatience, I have to force myself to take two steps back from my situation — to analyze, meditate, or just plain ENJOY. When I tell myself to slow down and remember how far I’ve come in twenty-five years, I can take more joy in the moment. In the now.


What’s on the soundtrack for your unfurling?


Lykke Li – Melodies & Desire (Reminding me to love.)

Little Jackie – 28 Butts (Kick my vices.)

Owl City – Fireflies (Embrace creativity.)

Pink – So What (I’m a rock star.)

Portishead – Glory Box (Growing into womanhood.)

Lady Gaga – Edge of Glory (Yes. Yes, I am.)

Stephanie Nilles – Ode to Tequila (“I am not what I do. I am only what I hear or see.”)

Anjulie – Colombia (Escape. Travel.) & Brand New Chick (I’m not that girl anymore.)


<I’m a music junkie. I could probably just keep going.>


Who are you becoming?

A woman. For so long, I was just a girl. I would often refer to myself like. “I’m just this girl, you know?” I still have problems identifying as a woman. I rarely say, “I’m a woman.” I say, “I’m a chick.” I’m starting to become more comfortable with my womanhood. It’s been a struggle and it wasn’t until I gave birth that I realized, “Oh THIS is what being a woman feels like.”

Painful. Ecstastic. Overflowing with LOVE.

I’ve been applying pieces of my journey to womanhood to my Great Work — helping my clients find their visually-charged voice with a lovingly ruthless vision and a gentle touch.


More about Amanda

In her own gorgeous words:

I help creative entrepreneurs find their visually-charged voice with a lovingly ruthless vision and a gentle touch. We write love letters to their People and bask in brilliance. Beautiful design for beautiful people.

A certified, card-carrying code monkey from the trenches of computer science, I bootstrapped my way into business ownership with fifty bucks on my credit card and a head full of dreams.

Since launching violetminded Design in 2009, I’ve helped over a hundred gorgeoustacular people take a step towards their Big Dream through Bold Design that truly captures the essence of who they are, what they do, and why they do it.

I ruthlessly (and lovingly) get to the root of “why” in order to get to the very visual “what”. The violetminded process is a combination of psychology, science, and good ol’ intuition. Each step is designed to delight and dazzle as we dance our way into the history books.

If you’ve got the sassy, I’ll bring the sizzle.

(dontcha want to call her TODAY for site redesign???  Get in line!)

Find her here.

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  • SangD February 6, 2012, 6:36 am

    I LOVE reading about this fabulous woman! Her story is so inspiring and moving! Her energy and spirit is phenomenal.

    Amy – I will be reading the other unfurlings 🙂

    • Amy Kessel February 6, 2012, 5:24 pm

      Totally agree. And she’s contagious to boot! Lucky us.

      Glad to have you here and I hope you enjoy the other interviews,

    • Amanda February 6, 2012, 9:40 pm

      You’re the sweetest! As always. <3