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There’s a life-defining conversation you’re ready to have. And it’s starting now.


On the table for discussion: the journey you’re on. Yes, that one. The one that has you by the heart, whether you planned for it or not. The one where you ask yourself the hard questions, and await the gems of wisdom (which will come when you’re ready to hear them). Your unfurling journey.

Who are you becoming, this time around?


Join the conversation.


The Unfurling program is a unique and potent opportunity to re-connect and re-commit to yourself at this stage of your transformational journey. It’s a chance to excavate joy and meaning, and put them back at the center of your life. Along with reclaiming your unique strengths and gifts, you’ll release old stories and outdated beliefs about who you are and what you’re here to do.

This program’s strength is in its intimacy. You’re invited to a virtual living room for women who are ready to dive deep with others doing the same. Use this space to cultivate a vision for what’s unfurling in you right now and a road map for how to get where you’re going. The journey’s final destination: an outer reality in alignment with what’s inside you.

Step into your Unfurling.


Do you feel like online programs are too big to provide meaningful connection and support? Are you outgrowing relationships as the shape of your life changes? Would you like an intimate circle of like-minded women to help you invite a more truthful expression of who you are?

Join me for a four-month, small group program designed to challenge, nurture and encourage you as you unfurl. We will circle as twelve women with a common agenda: to step powerfully into a new chapter in our careers and/or our personal lives. We’ll take a close look at our roadblocks and our allies, call in the resources we need, and create reliable maps for ourselves to follow. We’ll invoke wisdom and support for ourselves and each other as we unfurl.

Our time together will be connected, healing and enlightening.

Do you see yourself here?


You’re stepping into a new role (student? single parent? entrepreneur? retiree?) and struggling to find your bearings.


You’re on the verge of a major career transition.


The creative idea you’ve been incubating is ready to enter the world.


You’re done pretending you’re not ready; you want to join your colleagues at the table.


 You hear the call to deepen your relationship to Spirit.


And you know that a guided circle of support could help you navigate these waters.


What’s this program about?


We will use the container of the group to support and explore your unfurling. Our circle will generously share the real life experiences of hearing the whisper, allowing ourselves to be sidetracked, getting in our own way, losing faith, regaining clarity, honing inner wisdom, and taking action in our relationships, our careers, and our lives. We’ll learn from ourselves and from each other. 

Along with sharing valuable tools and concepts, my role as your facilitator is to invite self-inquiry and personal discovery. I’ll encourage you to embrace the unfurling that’s underway with all you’ve got. It’s your ticket to timely transformation.

This program is super heavy on sharing and cross-pollination.  Join us if you want a powerful group within which to explore, claim and celebrate who you are, and who you are becoming.


Women in Amy’s Unfurling programs:


  • move from unfulfilling work into soul-aligned careers
  • infuse their businesses with authenticity, integrity and values
  • end the cycle of exhaustion and burnout, replacing it with nourishing self-care
  • revive dormant creativity and place it on the front burner
  • become adept at asking for what they truly want
  • shift from disempowered thinking into grounded, authentic being



Amy is a gifted and powerful coach and her love of groups and belief in the power of groups shines through in the warm environment that she creates and facilitates. Amy creates a safe forum, where honesty and vulnerability can be celebrated, trust is built, and ideas grow into big ideas that are ready to meet the world. It was a wonderful opportunity to work with Amy, and to learn and connect with the others in the program. – Maile Topliff, 2012 group participant


The Unfurling Program was a life shifter for me. The teachings and the guided reflections helped me gain important insight into the ways that I am getting in my own way. Hearing other women tell their heart centered stories connected me to the power of our shared journeys. I left each call fueled by the inspiration and insight I gained from the amazing women in my group. – Erica Wolverton, 2013 group participant


At a cellular level I knew I needed this program but I wasn’t sure what exactly I was looking for when I registered. I just knew Amy was a very skilled coach and that she would provide a warm and wonderful space for this unfurling journey she had created. I also knew I needed a smaller more intimate space in which to look at my business and my life. Most of my online forum experiences are pretty big and I tend to get lost in the “rabbit hole,” which really takes me away from my muse. The unfurling journey provided a smaller, supportive context in which to revisit my core values and reflect on my path. For the first time in my entire life, I cleared space in my calendar and started attending to the spaciousness I promised myself I’d create in 2013. What a breath of fresh air. I look forward to looking back through my notes and creating even more space for the things that really matter in my life and in my business. – Sue Ann Gleason, 2013 group participant


Here’s how it works:

  • Eight 90-minute group calls, plus recordings of each call
  • Two 60-minute live Q and A calls, plus recordings of each
  • Eight optional calls with your accountability partner (to be assigned once we begin)
  • Membership in a private Facebook group where you can share insights, expand your learning and get support from Amy between calls
  • Juicy assignments for you to deepen your learning and challenge yourself further
  • One 60-minute private coaching call with Amy


Being part of the Unfurling course was life-changing for me. Amy’s gentle, loving, supportive teaching combined with her razor sharp insightful coaching was a powerful combination. The unfurling analogy is a potent way to visualise and take action on stepping into the life I want to lead. I loved the course THIS MUCH! ~Deb Nicholson, Consultant and Coach, 2012 group participant


A powerful and supportive context in which to pause, reappraise and grow. Affirming and nourishing – this is a truly transformational programme. – Karen Littleton, 2013 group participant


Thank you, Amy. It has been a great privilege to be on this journey with you. I have been astounded at your ability to ask exactly the right question, to winnow out the truth in my answers (even when I couldn’t see it myself), and to offer the gentle wisdom and guidance that I so longed for, and that put my feet on the path that was waiting for me. Thank you and bless you. – Sue Warner Bean, 2013 group participant


As a result of this program you can expect to have:


  • Clarity on and appreciation for what’s unfurling, with clear next steps to get you where you want to go.
  • A new sense of purpose and heightened energy,
  • A cadre of fellow journeyers you can rely on for ongoing support
  • Confidence in using your authentic voice to powerfully enact change
  • Tools to keep you on track when you waver



Unsure? Listen to this recording, where I share takeaways from the Unfurling program and guide you through an exercise to help you get in touch with what’s unfurling in you right now. 


Identify Your Unfurling free call



What I bring to the Journey:

I created this program because I have a special knack for facilitating magic in the groups I lead.  Women in my programs dig deep, share generously and forge lasting connections.  I’m enchanted by the synergy and the soul-level work we do together. Beautiful things happen.

I’ve made unfurling the centerpiece of my work with women because it’s unfurling – not merely “growth,” and certainly not self-improvement – that helps us move forward in our lives. When you identify the what and the how of unfurling, which is just what you’ll do in this program, you have a way to keep bringing yourself greater fulfillment and joy again and again, with each new season in your life.

I’ll contribute to the conversation:

Over 800 hours of coaching women (both individually and in groups) as they unfurl in their personal and professional lives

Coaching credentials from the ICF

A solid academic background (Masters degree from Johns Hopkins, undergraduate degree from Dartmouth)

A decades-long commitment to fostering sustainable change; both with organizations and 1:1 clients

Experience as a mentor and a teacher for emerging women leaders

My own unfurling journey from stay-at-home mama to thriving entrepreneur




Payment options

Program curriculum

Session 1: Meet your unfurling You’ll clarify what’s unfurling in you right now, and uncover the most important messages it has for you. You’ll learn exercises you can use to uncover your next right direction, even in times of uncertainty or confusion. 

Session 2:  Creating optimal growing conditions – In this session you will identify and claim what you need to thrive: your values, your strengths, and your relevant life experience. You’ll also learn how to weed out what doesn’t serve your unfurling: limiting beliefs and outdated stories. Once you’ve got this list down, you can use it for all unfurlings, present and future.

Session 3: Asking for what you want – You will play with freeing your authentic voice and creating a heartful intention. This is your “on” switch.

Session 4: Your road map In this session we’ll be designing a detailed vision for where you’re headed, down to the specifics.

Session 5:  Fuel for the journey – Get ready to start calling in what you need most to keep going: courage and fierce self-love. These are in plentiful supply, as long as you know how to invite them. 

Session 6:  Making your way – You can plan on encountering darkness and obstacles as your unfurling gets underway.  In this session, you’ll work with fear and the inner critic.  Crucial life lessons here.

Session 7:  AlliesA comprehensive look at amassing the network of support you need for this journey. I’ll share my favorite practices and invite you to open yourself more fully to the support always available to you.

Session 8:  Integrationcompletion and celebration; what’s next for you? We’ll share our accomplishments, acknowledge what’s ahead and send each other off on our respective paths.

Session dates 


Tuesdays at noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern

September 17, October 1, 15 and 29, November 12 and 26, December 10 and 24


— Groups are limited to twelve women —



About Amy

Amy Kessel is a certified coach who helps women unfurl into their authentic selves. She encourages her coaching clients to know and ask for what they want, to move beyond self-imposed limitations and old stories, and to step into fuller expressions of themselves in their personal and professional lives. Her style of coaching is a blend of intuition and reason, flavored by profound respect for the journey.

Amy’s clients thank her for her deep listening, her razor-sharp insight and her gently fierce commitment to truth.

In service to advancing the call for women to unfurl into their biggest and most audacious selves, Amy is the coach for participants in the global leadership program, Playing Big . Her passionate writing has been featured on Tiny Buddha, Roots of She, Power Chicks International and Stratejoy. She is also a mentor to women in the developing world via WorldPulse, and a faculty member for an intensive 5-week leadership program for young women leaders from Central Asia.

Amy lives in a yellow farmhouse on an island in the Pacific Northwest with her kids and a menagerie of farm animals.

Frequently Asked Questions


What if I don’t know what’s unfurling in me?

This program will help you uncover what wants to be seen right now, even if the whisper is hard to hear.  With some careful tending, you will identify and encourage yourself to unfurl in the areas of your life that are ready for change.  I can guarantee you that you’ll have the answer to this question shortly after the program begins.

What will I learn in this program?

You’ll learn how to stay true to yourself as you undergo a process of transformation. You’ll become fully aware of the signs and clues to watch for the next time you sense yourself beginning to unfurl, and you’ll know how to be in right relationship with the process from beginning to end. While the details and specifics will be different, the underlying framework is the same. This valuable insight will serve you again and again.

What if I don’t feel like sharing or being coached in front of the others?

Women in the Unfurling groups have full permission to participate in the way that best serves them.  There may be days when you don’t feel up to contributing to the conversation underway; you will still gain insight and participate in learning by being on the call.  Each session is a combination of guided individual exploration and optional sharing.

What if I can’t make all the calls?

Each call will be recorded and delivered to you within 24 hours of the session.  Listening to the recording and doing the exercises will give you the same learning opportunities you would have had if you were on the call.  Also, listening to conversation and witnessing others being coached inevitably brings up “aha’s” for us all – try it and see!

What’s expected of me outside of the sessions themselves?

The sessions will spark ongoing exploration and discovery, which you will be encouraged to pursue both on your own and with a partner from the group with whom you will have a twice-monthly call. You’ll also receive between-session exercises for further deepening, and which you are invited to share and discuss in the private online forum.



Still got questions?  Feel free to email me at amy (at) amykessel (dot)com.




Payment options