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Staying Centered Through the Holidays
The Solidarity Sessions



Let’s face it.  For most of us, the holidays are a mixed bag.


There’s the joy of reconnecting with family and friends you haven’t seen in awhile, the luxury of nap time and midday Boggle marathons, the pleasure of wearing sparkly clothes.  There are traditions you love and responsibilities you gladly take on.


Then there are the other holiday standbys.  There’s the yearly argument with your dad about things that won’t change.  The discomfort that leads to an extra glass of wine or piece of pumpkin cheesecake, neither of which does your body right.  The gift-giving and receiving, fraught with disappointment and financial stress.  The strain of travel.


What do you do in response to these highs and lows?  Do you retreat within yourself, counting the days till January?  Do you throw in the self-care towel?  Do you find yourself behaving like a teenager again?  Do you sell yourself out in favor of keeping the peace?


It can be different.


This year, you can navigate the holidays skillfully and with your own best interest at heart.  You can be steadfast in your self-solidarity.  You can choose to be on your own team and emerge from the gatherings not only intact, but strengthened and energized.


Let me be your ally in staying centered.


The Solidarity Sessions are your ticket to ease through the holidays.


Three coaching calls between now and the end of the year, at a special holiday price of $200.  Three solid and soulful hours of nurturing and growing the connection between you and you — the inner pact you need in order to show up with integrity, grace and presence.  Despite the circumstances.


Session One:  Foundation-setting.

You’ll reconnect to your values, your desires and your gifts.  You’ll design heart-centered intentions for this holiday season.  You’ll examine limiting beliefs you might be using to stay hidden, and replace those beliefs with what’s true.


Sessions Two and Three:  Solidarity-building.

You’ll practice asking for what you want, remembering what you need and staying vigilant through challenging situations.  Your team of one relies on you to keep your word.  I’ll help you do just that.  You’ll leave these sessions with tools, strategies and a deepening commitment to You.


Your three sessions can be booked anytime between November 23 and January 4, 2013.  All phone/Skype sessions are 60 minutes long and will be recorded for you to take with you on those post-meal neighborhood walks.


Stay in solidarity with YOU this holiday season.