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The power of the personal permission slip

Remember those slips of paper our parents tucked into our backpacks, giving us permission to skip PE or to leave school early?  Remember how freeing it was to pull that sucker out and present it to the folks at the front office?

Rather than a ticket to chaos, letting ourselves off the hook every now and then can free us to come back to our center.  Giving ourselves permission to take it easy, to step off the treadmill, and to do what best serves us at this particular moment is heart-centered action.  It’s the kind of action that, in the end, keeps us on track and heading in the direction of our dreams, rather than meandering off in the land of should, or must, or have-to.

Even as we unfurl in ways that bring us more alive, we can allow ourselves permission to hit “pause” or to go easy.  In fact, this helps the unfurling process by keeping us honest.  The best way to squelch an unfurling?  By sticking with a program or a system that no longer lights you up, just because you said you would.  By marching to the drumbeat when you’d rather skip or dance to hawaiian love songs.  By dutifully parking yourself on your meditation cushion day after day, then spending the entire 15 minutes planning dinner.  Day after day.

Time for a permission slip from you to you.

These slips don’t come easy, as you probably know.  They require a willingness to stop.  Yup, that.  To stop the inner dialogue about “deserve”, and “perform” and “succeed”.  To stop hurting ourselves by saying Yes when our hearts say No Way.  To stop trying, even for a moment.

What’s in the way of writing ourselves the slip right now?

  • Do we fear that letting ourselves go easy will encourage a life of slacker-hood?
  • Are we unwilling to take authority over our own lives?
  • Is there a sense of not being worthy of this type of gift?
  • Are we overly accustomed to driving ourselves relentlessly toward better/more/next?

I invite you to write yours today. Give yourself a hall pass, and receive it with the heady freedom of a teenager.

And if it unlocks something inside, do it again tomorrow.




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