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The power of circle

We’ve been doing it for thousands of years.

It’s what we do innately, as women : we circle. We hunker down, we share space, we offer an ear. We come together to listen and to be heard. In this age of busy, circling becomes a sacred act – and, for some of us, a lifeline back to ourselves.

Women’s circles take many forms, but serve one purpose. The circle is an energetic container and the women within are fed, held and enlivened by it.

I’ve made circles an essential part of my life. There’s the women’s group that meets monthly in my backyard or my friend’s cottage to share secrets, question doubts and celebrate milestones. The mastermind sisters who offer feedback, inspiration and committed support for my business as well as my larger purpose. I have a virtual circle, whose women span the time zones, holding space for audacious dreaming and playing bigger.

My time in circle strengthens my spirit and deepens my commitment to the life I’m creating. I show up on my darkest days and my bright shiny ones. The circle always gives me what I need. Always.

What about you? Do you have a circle, or several, in your life? Have you created space where you can show up with whatever is happening, and see how exposing it to the light of day transforms it?


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