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Randi Buckley, coach and teacher


sitroneneVulnerability is among the most powerful tools and emotions ever.  It uncovers who we are, what we do, and our deepest longings.  But for vulnerability to surface, it must feel safe. The wisdom of vulnerability will wait until it can be held without judgement, in trust, and with love. It wants to be seen. Until then, it’s just desire waiting and feeling stuck.  Enter Amy.

She is the safe and wise container we seek.  Beyond that she sees into the part of us longing to speak but didn’t have the words. She is tender with our heart and fierce in its advocacy.  She is elegant yet willing to jump into the thick of it to support our vision and to help us uncover the own compass of our personal leadership. And dang, this woman is smart.

Working with Amy is the divine pleasure, and satisfaction, of watching yourself be set free and absolutely soaring.  A masterful coach with the heart of a dear friend who shows up at the perfect time, Amy Kessel is someone who you thank your lucky stars to have in your life.


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