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Jen Peirce, International Development Professional


jp-2I went to Amy looking for guidance for some choices in my career path. In just a few conversations, she significantly expanded my frame of thinking and my confidence in myself. She listens in a very deep, intuitive way, and she can pull out the essential threads from a jumble of ideas. It’s almost disconcerting at first, but then it’s a huge relief to speak honestly and fully, without the usual compartments that divide “professional” issues from the “rest of life.” Amy asks questions that crack you open and push you outside your usual definitions of a problem, and then she relates what you find back to real-life struggles, from the inner-soul ones to the office-politics ones to the big-social-cause ones. And she does this with the warmth and affirmation of a longtime friend. She helped me turn my standard pro/con way of making decisions into something multi-dimensional that combines intuition and values with the practicalities of finding or creating work that makes a difference and is sustainable. I feel reinvigorated with a sense of my own fire and dreams, without any of that new age/self-help fuzziness. Amy is a guide in the best sense of the word, and I’m grateful for the experience of working with her.


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