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Self-awareness and playing bigger : an interview with Tara Mohr

It’s an old story, one you’ve listened to more times than you can count:

I’m not ready, not yet.  Once I (fill in the blank), I’ll do it.  I’m still putting the pieces in place.

You know the story inside and out, because you’ve said the very same words.

I’ve noticed that women like us who are self-aware and committed to personal development create beautiful visions for our lives, and then we create equally complex reasons for why we’re not yet able to execute on those same visions.  I see this in the incredibly gifted women I coach, I see it in my friends and colleagues, I see it in myself.

Take heart; I’m not condemning us.  There are reasons we play small, both innate and due to powerful factors in the world around us.  We’re doing the best we can with what we’ve got.  And … the tide is turning.  It’s time for women to be taking the place of authority in their own lives and playing bigger on their own terms.

Enter Tara Sophia Mohr, who started a movement to help women play bigger a few years ago, and whose message is spreading fast. 

Tara is a passionate advocate for brilliant women.  Her mission is to help us share our gifts so that we change our own lives – and in turn the world – beginning now.

Yes, now.

Tara’s movement is growing.  Graduates of her popular six-month program are playing bigger in beautiful, authentic and impressive ways. Despite the limitations they have placed on themselves in the past, and the extra helping of people pleasing they may have picked up along the way, women are defining how they want to show up in the world and being smart about implementing heartfelt plans.  

What I love most about this news is that it’s not limited to any one sphere.  Women are claiming themselves as artists and getting their work out in the world.  Others are leaving misaligned careers, and starting heart-centered businesses.  Some are scoring speaking gigs, book contracts and impressive projects.  For some, the most important way to play bigger is to show up with integrity in the relationships that matter most.  

I’m a huge fan of Tara, her work and this program.  I was a student in the first group of Playing Big, and am now the coach for those enrolled who want additional one-to-one support for their journey.  I’m also active in the online forums, which is how I know firsthand about the leaps these amazing women are making, and the incredible community that surrounds them as they take those impressive first steps.

This program, quite literally, can change your life.

I recently talked with Tara about the ins and outs of playing big, especially as it pertains to those of us therapist-ey, coach-ey, big-thinking, spiritual, yogini types.  We have a unique vantage point and equally unique challenges, don’t we?  Tara and I looked at:

  • How our inner critic perpetuates the story of “not enough”, even in our yoga practice.  (So sneaky!)
  • How we’ve learned to mis-use the language of introspection, such as “it’s not feeling resonant right now”, to avoid engaging in a healthy way with our learning edge.
  • How to play bigger in your life right now.

Click here or on the photo of Tara to hear our conversation.


 Listen to the audio interview.

Playing Big, Tara’s six-month leadership and wellbeing program for women, is starting on October 18.  The program is part inner work to help you overcome fears, end procrastination, and clarify your vision; part practical training in skills for world-changing: communication, negotiation, getting media attention for your work; and part supportive and dynamic community of creative, visionary women ready to support each other in Playing Big.

Learn more here.


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