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Seasonal reboot


Some summers are about adventure. Some restore and replenish. And some summers satisfy hungers we didn’t know we had, until we allowed the heat and the light to unlock them.

This summer fed me what I was craving : a reset. I didn’t realize I needed it until I hit an uncomfortable funk during what might otherwise have been a season of joy.

Sometimes the outlines of our lives shift, and we miss the cues that ask us to do the work of accommodating the new shapes. We’re moving fast, and we end up working really hard to find our lost groove. (And it sadly looks mostly like working, and not much like finding.)

For some time I had been doing the daily without an up-to-date version of my life map. I could see the path immediately before me, but I hadn’t checked my inner GPS in awhile, and the coordinates had changed.

Sound familiar? Like you, perhaps, I’m in a new chapter. An awesome one. Also one that takes some getting used to, and that asks me to stay on my toes. I’m trying new approaches and discovering avenues I didn’t know existed before now. It’s affirming and satisfying and somewhat exhilarating. It’s also exhausting.

Hence the funk.

And the tantrums.

And the fear.

And, finally, the pause. Oh, the pause. It’s amazing what a reset can do.

This summer I let myself catch up with who I am becoming. I stretched into the spaciousness of the season and slowly realized what it means for me to be out in the world doing new work, honing new skills, and showing up in new venues and relationships.

Checklist for a reset

Are you considering a reset too? Here’s a shortlist you might want to use to help you update your internal Operating System:

::   Revisit expectations and goals. You’ll want to check and chuck, redesign and re-engage.

::   Look beyond the numbers. Evaluate the greater impact you’re having in the world — and the level of fulfillment you experience — as part of your metrics.

::   Scrutinize the relationships that matter, and look even more closely at how you participate in them. Take responsibility for your part. My mantra: clean, clear, heartful communication.

::   Check in with your values, as those at the top of your list may have shifted slightly. Your values define your fundamental essence, so don’t expect a massive change, but pay attention to values that demand extra attention in this new chapter. They serve as your compass; when you’re in your groove it’s because you’re honoring them.

::   Give yourself credit for what it has taken to get you to here. This is an important ingredient and one we (especially we women) tend to overlook. Acknowledge yourself for having asked for what you want and worked hard to make it so. You’re where you want to be, and you are fully responsible for getting yourself here.

::   And finally, look ahead. What’s visible from this place that you couldn’t possibly have seen before? For me, I see new ways of living and loving and working and creating. I feel energized rather than drained. Clear rather than murky. Ready to collaborate and to lead.

Is it the season for your reset too?


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