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I’m paying close attention to the conversations around me these days. I’m noticing common threads among the women in my life; the friends and colleagues, the clients and workshop participants, the women in my Zumba class and those in line at the grocery store.

We’re feeding off each other, making changes that influence those around us. I hear the same phrases again and again, the same stories told with different characters. Here’s a smattering of what I see:

::  Women are asking each other for help. And receiving it, gratefully.

::  We’re seriously tired of busy in the name of busy. We’re carving out time for white space and looking out windows. We feel guilty about it, AND we keep doing it because we know it’ll save us from self-destruction.

::  People are celebrating hard-won victories over self-sabotage and shame. Cycles are being broken. (Halleluiah!)

::  So many of us are saying No to the insidious creep of the unsatisfying digital “connection” we’ve allowed into our lives, and replacing it with live voices and hugs and coffee dates.

::  Hard choices are being made in the name of love.

::  There’s a move from rehearsal to performance.   Especially so for women who are fed up with being silenced; they’re finding their voices and using them. This is happening in the toxic relationships and the challenging workplaces.

::  There’s a shift underway, from self-help to self-acceptance.

::  And an evolution beyond self-care toward fullblown self-love.

::  Lots of us are calling bullshit on ourselves, and gently on each other, in the realm of not knowing what we want. We know. It’s time to ask for it.

::  The gnawing hunger for congruence is fueling feet-to-the-fire action. Change is happening all around us.

Do you see yourself here? And do you see your dear ones too? Sit down for a State of the Union with your friends and see what parallels exist in your lives. Ask where you can help, and ask for help with what’s hard for you.

We’re in this together.

:: ———————– ::

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