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My Own Unfurling : New Directions

I keep Anais Nin’s words close by – in my email signature, on my office wall, her book of poetry is on my nightstand – but lately it’s as if I’m living and breathing them, like they’ve been tattooed on my heart. 

I’m risking.  And I’m feeling the first delicious flush of a blossom. 

Yes, I’m unfurling. 

This is a big one, and it means things will be different in my world both online and off.

Some of you will come along with me, as the message I bring with this new unfurling is one you’ve been longing to hear.  You’ll nod in agreement with what I say, and we’ll join virtual hands.  The conversation will continue.

And some of you may decide that this isn’t the path you want to walk right now.  I know this, and while sad to see you go I also know you need to find your own sacred medicine.  I want this for you.


I’ve been incubating this unfurling for many months now, patiently nurturing it and feeding it and charting its growth.  I’ve also been scrutinizing it for staying power, and I can safely say that it’s a keeper.

I’m on a path that feels wide in places; I’ve had some great stretches of adrenaline-fueled exploration, and signs large and small that I’m headed in the direction I’m meant to.  And other parts of it are muddy and narrow, tricky to follow and easy to lose.  My challenge has been to stay with my heart and let it show me the way.  I’m tempted to bust out my logic and try to reason my way through the confusing parts, but I know (as you do) that unfurlings aren’t orchestrated by our big brains. 

What my unfurling means is that I’m evolving – or more accurately, I’m emerging.  I’m emerging as a women’s leadership coach and devoted member of what my dear friend Tara Mohr calls The Transition Team; we women who are leaving behind the broken model of masculine leadership, and standing at the frontlines of the new model where women’s innate strengths are not simply tolerated, but celebrated.  Where we’re relied upon to design and define a new world.

I do this so that I can pour my heart into what I see as the most potent challenge of our time : helping women bring their gifts to the world without leaving themselves behind.  This is the emerging paradigm of leadership.  This is how women will instigate change that is sustainable, inclusive and effective.

(Do you have goosebumps too?)

Women leading at work, at home, at large

The women leaders I’m talking about don’t fit a stereotype.  They aren’t leaders simply because they have clout at work; they’re leaders by virtue of being unapologetically committed to living their truth.  They are mothers and scientists, yoga teachers and hedge-fund managers, executive directors and executive assistants and everything in between.

The movement they are a part of is the next wave of feminism.  It’s what happens when we value our intuition as much as we value strategic thinking; when we celebrate the gutsy and the vulnerable in ourselves;  and when we include the wisdom of the Divine Feminine rather than suppressing it any longer.

I’m here to support women who are playing bigger, leaning in, stepping up – in whatever way they are called.  And I’m your teammate as well; I’m asking myself the same questions and joining you on the playing field.  As I unfurl into this new space, I’m thrilled to see you here.  


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  • Amy October 22, 2013, 2:27 am

    I’ve had one of those days, filled with stress and decisions and the ramifications of living frearlessly. I tried so very hard to coach a teammate on this shift and it came out garbled. You spoke the words I was knowing today, not just thinking or feeling, but knowing in my heart. This is the change I want to see in the world. Thank you for unfurling.

    • Amy Kessel October 24, 2013, 8:19 pm

      Thanks for being here, Amy, and for sharing this. We all garble at times. As you say, the words live in your heart and they always find their way out into the world, somehow. love, amy

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