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Moving towards light: comin’ around to springtime

Welcome to the stage the lovely and oh-so-wise Ronly Blau.  Ronly is a certified ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher, and mother.  (She’s also been known to choreograph Flash Mobs)   She is available for individual consultations and group classes; having worked with her, I can tell you that her approach makes change easy for her clients to integrate with their lives. Please visit her website and find out about the Spring Cleanse Program.

The new year through the ayurvedic lens is an interesting time.  In this paradigm we are intrinsically connected to nature so ideally, like the plants, we have been building inner vitality through a quieting of our outward expression. We may have been intuitively eating more during the winter, especially more fats and protein, grounding our being with the Earth.

But as we head into February, we may start to feel sloth-like with cloudy minds if we continue in this trend. Once we hit early Spring the cold ice will begin to melt and give way to running streams. If we eat heavy foods we will gunk up the rivers. In our own bodies this “run off” can manifest as allergies and colds. We can facilitate a more easeful natural “melting” and clearing in the body by moving towards a lighter and warmer diet in late winter/early spring. An easy addition to aid in this is ginger. Beginning in mid February through April, try drinking warm water with fresh ginger and lemon first thing in the morning. This will improve circulation, enhance detoxification through increased lymphatic movement, aid in digestion and help metabolize excess fat and toxins.

The junction of winter and Spring is the ideal time to plan a cleanse, clearing our channels for a healthy transition. On clearer ground, both physically and mentally, we can then sprout a new venture and share the creativity that has been brewing in us through the dark quietude of winter.

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