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Intentions are for sharing

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Here we are, a week plus into 2015.  Let’s do a gut check.

Are you feeling relief that 2104 is over, and that whatever it wrought is now behind you?  Self-critical thoughts about what you didn’t – couldn’t – shouldn’t have?  Eager anticipation of the clean slate ahead?  Calm resolve?

If you haven’t already, take a moment to be with whatever is here right now, and to let it swirl around you.  Eventually it’ll settle down, leaving behind your unswirlable steady presence.  Yes, that. Tap in.

This is a precious slice of time here at the start of the calendar, and I invite you to find 10 minutes today to retreat from whatever is around you and to return to You.  No need to engage in a long process, candles and Moleskin and special music and searching for The Word … just sit and find your tender heart.

Give it your full attention.  Shine some reverence on it.

Ask your heart what it wants this year.  What it longs for.  What it’s ready for.

Reassure it that deep tenderness is safe, and encouraged.  This is a space for truth.

Then write down what you hear.  All of it.  Even if it makes you cringe, or cry.  Even if your editor / judge is rolling her eyes and countering with reasons why not.  Keep writing until you have nothing else to say.

Push back and look at what your raw, beautiful heart wants for you.

Here’s where it gets real: take a breath, and then take this beauty out into the world.  I know it may seem risky, and maybe even foolish, but trust me on this one.  Find a beloved or several who will sign up to hold space for your intention with you, as you will theirs.  Let them add their love and faith to your own, and infuse your intention with energy.  I promise you that sharing your heart-wishes with a trusted circle amplifies your loving commitment to what you’re calling in.  I know this from experience: my intentions are being held right now by a small posse of kindred souls, and they are coming alive.  Oh yes they are.

So find your words, and invite your inner circle to hold you in this.  Take your intention off the page and bring it alive.

Let’s call in what we want in the shared space of empowerment.  Let’s cultivate our own intentions while supporting our dear ones to nurture theirs.  Let’s make this the year our heart wishes take flight.


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