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Jen Peirce, International Development Professional


jp-2I went to Amy looking for guidance for some choices in my career path. In just a few conversations, she significantly expanded my frame of thinking and my confidence in myself. She listens in a very deep, intuitive way, and she can pull out the essential threads from a jumble of ideas. It's almost disconcerting at first, but then it's a huge relief to speak honestly and fully, without the usual compartments that divide "professional" issues from the "rest of life." Amy asks questions that crack you open and push you outside your usual definitions of a problem, and then she relates what you find back to real-life struggles, from the inner-soul ones to the office-politics ones to the big-social-cause ones. And she does this with the warmth and affirmation of a longtime friend. She helped me turn my standard pro/con way of making decisions into something multi-dimensional that combines intuition and values with the practicalities of finding or creating work that makes a difference and is sustainable. I feel reinvigorated with a sense of my own fire and dreams, without any of that new age/self-help fuzziness. Amy is a guide in the best sense of the word, and I'm grateful for the experience of working with her.

Shannon Yu, Senior Business Leader


Shannon YuUnlike any coaching partnership I’ve ever been in.  With great honesty, insight and care, Amy has helped me discover and reconnect with the values that have been missing in my life. Amy blew me away when she introduced me to the concept of un-armoring and vulnerability as a path to authentic leadership and life.  I am very grateful. No matter how challenging a situation, I am now showing up as 100% me with great self-care and love. I highly recommend coaching with Amy to especially those Women Leaders who hunger to discover and reconnect with their core values. It has been an awesome journey.

Jen Louden, author and teacher


jenloudenHere’s the truth :: Good coaches are pretty common, great coaches are very rare. Amy is a great coach. She has the ability to illuminate and help you transform that which you think can never be seen, let alone loved, into change. Coach with Amy, then email me saying, “Jen, you were so damn right”. I will treasure it like I have treasured coaching with Amy.

Deb Nicholson, consultant


Deb-Nicholson-e1366204487391I first met Amy when she was the coach for Tara Mohr's Playing Big program. I instantly fell in love with Amy's style. Amy is a truth-seer and a truth-teller but the best thing about her coaching is that she waits. She waits until you see your own truth. She waits until you gasp at the awareness you utter and then she jumps for joy at the truth you have arrived at, allowing you to believe all along that you would get there anyway. Now that's a gifted coach. I couldn't be happier for Amy as she steps into her calling as a women's leadership coach, because she is so good at helping women find their way to where they need to go.

Randi Buckley, coach and teacher


sitroneneVulnerability is among the most powerful tools and emotions ever.  It uncovers who we are, what we do, and our deepest longings.  But for vulnerability to surface, it must feel safe. The wisdom of vulnerability will wait until it can be held without judgement, in trust, and with love. It wants to be seen. Until then, it's just desire waiting and feeling stuck.  Enter Amy.

She is the safe and wise container we seek.  Beyond that she sees into the part of us longing to speak but didn't have the words. She is tender with our heart and fierce in its advocacy.  She is elegant yet willing to jump into the thick of it to support our vision and to help us uncover the own compass of our personal leadership. And dang, this woman is smart.

Working with Amy is the divine pleasure, and satisfaction, of watching yourself be set free and absolutely soaring.  A masterful coach with the heart of a dear friend who shows up at the perfect time, Amy Kessel is someone who you thank your lucky stars to have in your life.

Tara Sophia Mohr, author and speaker


TaraAmy’s coaching is a remarkable tapestry of courage, intuition and love. By minute 3, she had catalyzed a breakthrough for me, through her keen listening and bold questions. By minute 25, I’d experienced several powerful realizations and shifts, each effortlessly unfolded by Amy’s skillful coaching. In one session, I moved from “stuck” to “charging ahead” in a central aspect of my career. Give yourself the gift of working with Amy!

Jenny Sorensen, President, Sorensen Strategies (former Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)


jennyI can sum up my feelings about Amy's coaching in 3 words: She gets it.  She understands my struggle and she understands my potential.  With compassion and insightful wisdom, Amy guides me to becoming a more powerful, happy, and fulfilled leader in all aspects of my life.

Jacqueline Lesser Faust, Leadership Coach


headshot_jacqueline_lesser_faustWorking with Amy was a pure joy. She was able to get right to the essence of what I was up to, what I was looking for and what I needed to move through in order to achieve that end. Amy is highly intuitive; I felt seen in a very deep and meaningful way. She was able to connect dots that helped me make sense of my experiences and move forward. I knew right away she was the right coach for me and our sessions proved to be very meaningful and productive. I would highly recommend working with Amy. Delighted that I did.

Sue Ann Gleason, founder, Conscious Bites Nutrition


sueannegleasonAmy had a delicious way of helping me define and extend my creative genius. We all need a sounding board and wise council, no matter where we are on our journey to playing bigger. Amy provided all that, and more.

Danielle Gaines, Executive Director, Reconnecting the Circle


Danielle_IMG_2744Working with Amy was revelation-ary. During our calls, she asked me questions that no one had ever asked before; questions I had never asked myself. As we explored why I kept falling into the same patterns of over-thinking and paralysis, I discovered that I needed to push through my fear and take action, no matter how big or small. Changing my language to “I choose to do this,” instead of “I have to do this,” put me in the driver’s seat and prompted me to action. It was a small change, but it made a huge impact on my life and my approach to projects and tasks. Since my sessions with Amy, I have accomplished every goal I set for myself, personally and professionally. Out of this process has come the emotional freedom to move through each task without hesitation and anxiety.

Gail Gaspar, founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, iDecideCoach


li picWhy work with Amy? Because she dispenses generous doses of wisdom, challenge and compassion. She's a captain of calm who will call you forth and call you out, in a way that is safe and supported, in service of the changes you most want to make for yourself or your team.

If you have a chance to work with her, take it.

Julia S., Executive Director

I am a senior-level executive in a high-stress position. Amy helped me get “un-stuck” from thinking about my career in old, tired patterns and to contemplate making a major change. Through the very provocative conversations we had, I feel  grounded in knowing what my needs are, how I want to feel in my next role, and how to look for a position that honors my values. Thanks to Amy’s coaching, I am in a much better place to assess my next opportunity, and know that just because I can do the job, it doesn’t mean it’s the best fit for me.

Amy P., Project Manager

Amy’s coaching helped me to get to the core of the issues that I was facing in making a career change. In working with her, I have learned to not just listen to what is rational (my head) but also tap into the heart/gut responses that I was previously ignoring. Her coaching was truly transformative and I have a different outlook on my approach to my career change and ensuring that my path will be true to myself.