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Here’s How You Can Do Something to End Malaria Today; You’ll Be So Glad You Did. Promise.

I have been hearing the hype throughout the Twitterverse these last few days about a little book with a lofty goal that just came out: it’s called End Malaria.

Not very sexy, I know.  But the idea behind it is so awesome, it doesn’t matter what the title is.

The concept is this: Michael Bungay Stanier (author of Do More Great Work) enlisted 62 big thinkers and luminaries to write on doing Great Work — the work we care about, the work that matters, the work that makes a difference.  People like Dan Pink, Gwen Bell, Danielle LaPorte, and Brene Brown contributed beautiful, thoughtful pieces.  And the collection of essays is put together in a book that costs around 20 dollars.

But here’s the coolest thing: 100% of the Kindle sales and all of the paperback sales minus the cost of production go to buying mosquito nets and sending them to Africa via the organization End Malaria Now.  $10 buys a mosquito net.  Mosquito nets save lives.  It’s a practical, simple way to do something that makes a difference.

And it’s so necessary, since a child dies every 45 seconds from Malaria in Africa and other malaria zone parts of the world.  It seems incredible that kids are dying from mosquito bites, but they are.  End Malaria Now wants to reverse that by 2015.

I bought the book a few days ago and have been savoring it in little bits because it’s so good I want it to last.  I have been impressed, inspired and educated by what I have read.  I’ve also been touched deeply.  It’s the kind of book you want to return to again and again.

Take a look.  And buy it for yourself, your kids, your clients, your colleagues.  You’ll be glad you did.


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