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Freshness.  A clean slate.  New energy that’s both tender and fierce.  That’s what I’m feeling right now, as I write this first post.

As I launch.

This isn’t exactly a brand new blog; I’ve been blogging for a year plus at Mamamorphosis, and if you have landed here looking for that blog, head on over there!  My blogging through Mamamorphosis is meant to speak to moms who are somewhere in the process of reclaiming themselves as women.  I love that tribe, and continue to hold space for it to come together on Facebook and at the blog.  Mama energy is gentle and vibrant, and very much a part of who I am.  I couldn’t exactly step away from it; that would be like cutting off an arm.

Something else is happening for me, though, and I’m shifting my coaching practice so as to be true to it.  What I want is to work with women who are hungry for change.  Or already on fire.  I want to be available to women who want their outside lives to reflect who they are on the inside.  Who feel an urgency about living their truth and are ready to move n.o.w.  I feel this urgency myself, and I want to partner with others so we can kick things into gear.  You’ve already begun contacting me, so I know I’m headed in the right direction.  Cool.

I love synchronicity.  I recently went to a two day conference called Ladies Who Launch, and it just happened to coincide with me getting ready to launch my new website and my new offering.  Maybe it was just luck, or maybe the Universe arranged it so I found all I needed to complete my own process.

The conference had amazing speakers and an audience of incredible women who are hungry like I am.  There was a palpable buzz there, and it wasn’t the socializing type of hum: it was more an undercurrent of power threatening to unleash some serious mojo.  These ladies are rocking and are ready to further rock their businesses and their communities.  They affect the world around them big time.  And they know it.

Here are a few of the messages I took away from the gathering, for your consumption.

:  Dream it.  Launch it.  Live it.  Duh – it was the name of the conference.  What’s holding you back from launching the life you’re dying to live?

:  It’s time to create what uber inspiring Danielle LaPorte of White Hot Truth calls a Stop Doing list.  Stop doing what you resent, and what doesn’t serve you.  And give yourself permission to NOT feel guilty about your desires.

:  Use the unique strengths we as women bring to our lives in business, in relating, in going for dreams.  These include collaboration, living our values, and honoring our intuition.

:  Think of this time as an economy of abundance rather than an economy of scarcity.  Use and celebrate the abundance that knowledge and technology bring us in order to innovate, create and succeed.

:  Take an intermission in order to find your mission.  Explore the power of rest.  Recognize that this is hard to do, and go for it.  Tama Kieves, who went from hating corporate law to loving her life and work, writes about this in her bestseller This Time I Dance.

:  “How do you know when to take a leap of faith? When the pain of staying exceeds the fear of leaping.” -Lissa Rankin, darling and brave creator of Owning Pink and author of What’s Up Down There.

I walked out of the room high on the fabulously fabulous life coach Martha Beck and ready to integrate the feelings with my real life.  I’m launching this newly energized version of my coaching practice with confidence, excitement and curiosity.  I’m cooking up offerings like e-courses, womens’ circles and retreats.  I’m listening to my own voice and asking for input from others.

I’m launching it, because it’s time.

What about you?  What are you dying to launch and what’s holding you back?  How can you free yourself up to get moving?  Is it more painful to stay where you are than to take the leap?

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  • Babe December 14, 2010, 8:29 am

    Hello A,

    It is a thought of mine that I am ready to accomplish another personal mission but that managing to do this becomes set aside by my “what if’s”.


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