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Darkness into light : winter solstice

Last night was the winter solstice.  The darkest night of the year, and the beginning of our return to the light.  A pivot point for sure.

From inner to outer.

From self-reliant to connected.

From ripening to harvesting.

Here in the Pacific Northwest the solstice is a big deal.  Since September we have woken in the dark and watched the sun set in the middle of the afternoon.  We’re hungry for long stretches of bright sky.

Last night I celebrated the solstice with some dear friends. We cooked and ate by candlelight, walked to the beach holding lanterns, and built a bonfire.  We had reflected on the past year, and one by one we spoke whatever it took for us to release what no longer serves us.  Then, highlight of the evening for sure, we yelled out our intentions and jumped over the fire into who we’re becoming.

Some of us were quite small.  But not shy about naming and claiming.


You don’t need a bonfire or a candlelit dinner to celebrate the solstice.  Take a few moments with yourself and inventory what you’ve been tolerating.  Recognize what’s been holding you back, keeping you small, standing in the way of your truth.  Maybe it’s a pattern you have of relating with your partner or kids.  Or a work habit you’re aware of, yet haven’t been able to kick.  Perhaps it’s what you do when you’re feeling scared.  Think about what you’re holding onto, that absolutely does not serve you.

Write it on a piece of paper.  All of it.

Then burn it.  Watch it go up in flames, and notice if you feel a bit lighter.

Now close your eyes and call up what you’re ready for, now that you’re done putting up with.  What do you want for yourself in the new year, in the springtime, in the light?  How will you be?  What longing will you answer?

My wish for you is a season of bright joy and deep happiness.





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