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Dancing Into Our Power


If you’ve been around here for any length of time you know that I’m a relentless emissary of The 12 Elements of Power ™. This framework, love child of the brilliant Michelle Lisenbury Christensen, has become the heart of my work – I use it with my clients, in my workshops and when I give talks. Why? Because it captures what I’m most interested in drawing out — how to show up in the world as our true selves. Our fully empowered selves.  Our badass, tender, loving selves.

And how to lead our lives and in our work from this place, inspiring those around us to do the same. Because that’s the world I want to live in.

The 12 Elements framework is simple yet crazy profound. It’s a lens through which to assess how well or how poorly we use what’s inherently available to us, and to correct for where we’re messing things up.

At the very heart of the model is the unshakable knowledge that we are Enough as we are; that we are absolutely whole, intact and complete. This is the embodiment of our innate feminine. From that place of wholeness we are free to take whatever action we choose, and to effect change in our lives and in the world around us. This is the embodiment of our innate masculine. Integrating the two is twinning our Being with our Doing. This is owning our power.

It’s a diagnosis and a prescription at the same time. As soon as we see where we’ve gone wonky, we see how to correct for that wonkiness. It’s also elegant. The corrections we make look like a dance, a graceful fluid move from one element of our power to the other. And back again. When we’re “in our power” it’s that we have understood how to integrate the two sides of the coin that constitutes an aspect of our power. We’ve learned the dance, and it comes as naturally as, well, dancing.

When my clients experience this dance of integration there’s first a celebratory jig, and then a deeper quieter nod of Yes.  They recognize that this is how they were meant to show up; that as little girls, we understood this but somehow along the way it got trained and socialized out of us.  We as a culture have mistakenly believed that what we do determines our worth.  We have been praised and called out for the masculine elements of our power, and so we have become insatiable in our quest to do and do and do — until we’re so done we can’t remember what lies in wait for us at our core.

Luckily what’s at our core doesn’t have anywhere to go.  It’s there for us, guiding us back to ourselves.

Really, we’re dancing our way Home.

Bringing the Elements into focus

To give you a clearer sense of what I’m talking about here, I offer you two things: this nifty chart, The 12 Elements, which spells out the Elements for you.  Please print it out and keep it nearby.  Just naming what’s going on for you in a sticky situation can move mountains — I hear this again and again.  Use the chart to orient yourself and to remind yourself what you already know, but seem to have forgotten.

And two, a free teaching call on April 9.  I’ll be walking you through the Elements and giving examples to help you see where you’ve gone wonky and what you can do about it right now.  It’s an information call open to all who are interested.  Please join us if the Elements speak to you, and pass along the invitation to those you think might appreciate it!  Sign up here.


I’m sharing this framework because it has radically shifted how I show up in my life, and helped me consciously link my heart, my head and my gut.   I know it can shift yours too.








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