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Client corner: New beginnings from Michelle Medina

Michelle Medina was born blind and with a severe facial cleft, has courageously undergone 66 surgeries in her 25 short years, and firmly believes she can make the world a better place.  She dreams of helping orphaned children and abandoned animals, of writing a memoir to help others with disabilities, and of creating a loving family.  She has become a devoted friend and fan to many Pinkies at, an online community that shares challenges and encourages each other to take Pleaps – Pink Leaps of Faith – leading to more happiness and joy in their lives.  A client of mine, she recently wrote this blog post to mark the launch of my new website.  She was then featured on, where Pinkies were asked to help her realize her dreams.  They continue to rally for Michelle, sending financial contributions, advice and lots of love.

My New Year’s Beginning

This year, 2011, I am determined to make MY YEAR! No more excuses, no more resolutions, just actions!

What I mean is this: we make ‘resolutions’, and we do good for a week or two, maybe we even survive on them for a month. What happens after that? We quit. We backslide. We make excuses for not following through.

So this year, I didn’t make any ‘resolutions’. I created intentions and will be chasing after my desires.

I desire to move to Texas. I desire to create a loving relationship with another soul and not just any soul, but one who is also interested in continuing to learn and grow and change. Finally, I have a long held desire to have a baby of my own. With the complications that could arise from my birthdefect, this won’t be easy, but I will succeed! I will rise above the challenge not by resolving to lose X amount of weight in Y time, but by being open to the possibility that anything can happen! Today, tomorrow or two weeks from now!

In the meantime, I will treat my Body with the love and respect she deserves. I will love, nourish and be as gentle with her as a lover would. I will fall in love with my life, just the way it is. I will look at old problems *a lack of money, transportation, fill in your own blank here*, and see them with fresh eyes instead of allowing them to shut me down and keep me in my little corner of the world. I will wake up and recognize my potential daily. I will remember that no one loves exactly as I do, feels exactly as I do, sings or walks or talks or moves in the world, exactly as I do. There is only one me, and I am that one!

When I feel like others aren’t supporting or nurturing or encouraging me, I will make the courageous effort to strike out on my own, to seek out others who will nurture and encourage me, and until such time as I find them, I will rely on my own inner wealth of love and strength. As I’ve written before, Never give up on yourself; sometimes you may be your only supporter.

Most important of all, on those days when I do slip, I will not victimize myself further by reprimanding, disciplining, or abusing myself with negative self talk. I WILL be kind and gentle with myself.  I will wake up the day after my slip and get back to what I do best, being the best me I can be!

That is my new beginning for 2011.  May you also find a similar awakening this year!

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  • Doug Fuerstenau January 22, 2011, 9:14 pm

    Useful information and facts and Outstanding style you got for your blog! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time in to the stuff you publish! Cheers.

  • Michelle Medina January 25, 2011, 1:07 am

    Thank you Amy!!
    I would have written sooner but my computer crashed and I just got it back tonight!
    Rock on!

  • Kiara Saballos January 25, 2011, 2:49 pm

    what a excellent go through.