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Change Your Life: Choose Love, not Fear

This love inspired post is part of a blogging festival created by the lovely Jasmine Lamb, who wanted to spark a love fest across the blogosphere in honor of the month of Love.  Head over to her site to read how the other bloggers, poets, writers and lovers (of course) are spreading the love vibe.

Here’s what I know about love:

In love, I experience trust, connection, surrender, calm knowing, full-up gratitude, fulfillment, ease.  From the place of love, I’m open to life itself.  In love, I am seen/heard/met.  I feel alive in that most basic of ways.  Love has been gorgeously described by many poets and writers; I’ve got my favorites and I’m sure you’ve got yours.  And rather than try and write something new and fabulous (oh the pressure!), I invite you to take a moment and appreciate what YOU know about love.

Yeah.  It’s beautiful, isn’t it.

Here’s another thing I know about love: it is the utter absence of fear.

We can’t have love, be love, experience love at the same we’re in a state of fear.  Fear causes us to contract, close down, build walls.  Fear makes us doubt, react, assume, project. And from there, we can’t possibly embrace love: we cut ourselves off from it.  The door is closed.  It’s an either/or situation, I’m afraid.

Fear and love can’t co-exist.  Simply put, given an even playing field love trumps fear every time.  The challenge, of course, is keeping the playing field even.  Which is easier said than done, sometimes.

Why is it that fear manages to win out over love?

Fear plays dirty. It cheats, lies, and worms its way into places it shouldn’t be.  It knows how to work the system so that we find ourselves doubting what we know, and forsaking our truth for the safety of its cheap plastic imitation.  Fear takes on voices from our past that have special powers over us even now, many years later.  It also causes physical reactions in our bodies that are so uncomfortable we do whatever we can to make it stop.

Like believe it.

Like shut down to love because of it.

Like go numb.

So what will you do when fear comes knocking?

Send it away.  Choose love instead.  Do it consciously, by reversing the old patterns and saying Yes where you used to duck and hide.  Be courageous, and truthful, and open.  Stare down the demons and be amazed at the gorgeous vista that appears in their place.

Yup.  It’s that simple.  And it’ll change your life.  Every time.

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  • Kristin Noelle February 14, 2011, 11:15 pm

    1000 cheers for shifting out of fear!! Thank you for your thoughtful words and for adding to the sparks at Jasmine’s site.