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Step on in : The Women’s Leadership Circle is now convening

Well done, you.  You’ve taken a seat at the big table.  And you’re clearly making it yours.  

You’re a rising star, or perhaps a distance runner.  However you got here, you’re at a place in your career – and in your life – where you influence others.  And since you’re both big-thinking AND big-hearted, you want to be sure you’re not leaving part of yourself behind as you step up to the plate.  You want to lead with all of you.

This may not be sanctioned by your organization, and you might find that in order to do so, you’ll need to stop doing certain things others have grown accustomed to you doing.  It may be scary, and it may feel strange, especially at first.  But you’re committed to leading in a way that’s sustainable for you — and also effective for those you lead.

You’re convinced that women’s innate gifts are valuable, wanted and worthy.  You’re wary about the potential risk in leading with your feminine side intact, but you’re hungry to do so.  You know that the rewards far outweigh the risk.

It’s time to sit down with a small posse of your peers, women at Boeing who are a lot like you, for a close look at your emerging leadership.  Share, learn, support and be nourished by what you create together.

Why do you long to change how you lead?

  • You look around and see women who remind you of the way you feel inside : pinched, stressed, stretched to the limit.  This concerns you.  A lot.
  • You’re facing changes at work and you want to make decisions from a wholehearted place, not out of “should” or “have to”.
  • You know deep down you’ve already earned your keep.  You deserve to be here.  And you’re ready to act as if you know this through and through.
  • You’re done giving away your power – at home, at work, everywhere.
  • You know that leadership is not “power over” but “power with”.  You want to awaken potential in others and co-create meaningful change.

Come on in and have a seat.  There’s one for you at this table, too.

The women who will join this Circle are serious about growing and enjoying themselves as leaders both in and out of the office.  They’re done behaving like the men – or the women who mistakenly believed they needed to act like men — who came before them.  They value their masculine and their feminine energies equally.

On their “no way” list : hoarding information, being the lone wolf leading the show, saving the day yet again, armoring up, face time, martyrdom, and drill sergeant behavior.

On their “absolutely” list : collaboration, nurturing themselves and their teammates, working smarter not harder, allowing vulnerability, amping up their ability to receive, enjoying the fruits of their effort.

Do you have lists like these too?  Well then, please join us.

Jen Peirce, International Development Professional



This Circle opened a special kind of conversation -- with professional, talented women at different stages of their journeys, about our practical, concrete struggles and goals, with a conceptual framework that opened new perspectives. It's a unique blend of mentorship, friendship, and accountability, all gracefully facilitated by Amy.


What it is:

The Women’s Leadership Circle is a small group program that harnesses the power of coaching and the wisdom of the collective to take your leadership to a new level. Your Circle-mates are already on the same page; their challenges and concerns are similar to yours.  And whether you’re being coached, witnessing a coaching session with someone else, or participating in a facilitated discussion, you’ll take away valuable insights you can apply immediately.

Women who know themselves to be leaders are warmly invited.  Formal titles are not necessary; some of the most powerful leaders in the Circle will be women who lead in unconventional settings, perhaps without pay.  The group will be limited to 8 in order to maintain intimacy and maximize sharing; you’ll offer your own expertise and you’ll receive valuable feedback and support from the other women in the group.

We’ll use the 12 Elements of Power ™ to frame our discussions and your coaching sessions.  You’ll bring what’s on the front burner for you in your work and in your life, and we’ll explore what you might be ready to learn from it.

How it works:  

We’ll meet weekly on a video conference call for ten weeks, with the option of meeting in person for the first and/or the final sessions.  The sessions will last 75 minutes, and will be recorded.  We’ll dive into the 12 Elements of Power ™ in the first session, and you’ll gain an immediate understanding of where you’re currently and/or chronically mis-using your power, and the impact it’s having on your productivity and your satisfaction.

For the remaining sessions we’ll use the Elements to explore your pressing issues.  One woman per session will be coached in front of the group by Amy, and after our coaching session we’ll invite input, feedback and observation from the Circle.  (What we won’t invite : judgment, advice, “should’s” or projections, thank you very much!)

You’ll be floored by the wisdom and insight shared during these conversations.

The issues brought to the coaching sessions will be issues shared by you all.  They’re the issues we’re all grappling with as powerful women finding our way in a world that’s changing fast.  So whether you’re in the coaching seat or you’re one of the observers, your wisdom and knowledge will be welcomed and incorporated.

My greatest gift as a leadership coach is that I create the invitation you’re longing to hear.  My questions will unlock your voice, and encourage you to use it.  I’ll point out what I see, and you’ll gain clarity on what to do about it.  I’ll hold the space for your tentative exploration, curiosity and brilliance to come forth.  And believe me, it will.

Between sessions you’ll have exercises to work with and a private Facebook group for support, sharing and cross-fertilization.

What you can expect:

  • Leapfrogging from stuck to moving ahead in key areas of your career
  • The accumulated wisdom of a group of powerful women
  • Solidarity and support on what you find most challenging
  • New allies to call upon
  • A refreshed understanding of who you are, what you’re here to do and how to do it

To re-cap: what you’ll get:

  • 10 video sessions facilitated by Amy and recorded as audio files for you to listen to again and again
  • A weekly workshop on issues near and dear to you
  • A 1:1 coaching session with Amy as the group observes
  • A customized workbook and weekly exercises based on the 12 Elements of Power
  • A private Facebook group limited to the current Circle members, moderated by Amy.  Here’s where you’ll share challenges and wins, discuss what you’re learning and keep the engagement high


Deb Nicholson, consultant


Deb-Nicholson-e1366204487391I was honoured to be part of Amy's first group coaching course exploring The 12 Elements of Power. I found the program fascinating, inspiring and a wonderful learning opportunity. But by far the best part of the group work was being coached in group, witnessing and being witnessed by other women - all of us on different life journeys, with one thing in common - we wanted to understand and use our power and wisdom in ways that felt more true to our lives. I found this to be a 'slow burner' experience: not so much of the "wham bam lightning bolts", and more "quiet gasp of recognition" followed by the gentle changes. That is Amy's gift.

Patsy, psychotherapist intern


patsyAmy shows incredible heart and mind in her coaching work, and in a group format, I got an intimate view of the leadership challenges that others face and Amy's amazing coaching of these women. I highly recommend the group. I was able to walk away with clarity of an issue I had been struggling with for years. Thank you, Amy!

Denise, Executive Director, watershed restoration organization



The Women's Leadership Circle has been instrumental in helping me find forward momentum through challenging issues both in my work and in my personal life. I joined the group to explore how I can lead in situations where there is conflict and disagreement. I've learned I can lead with both backbone and heart. This idea has been such a gift. Amy created a safe, warm space where I could explore tough issues and craft my next steps from a place of strength and compassion. It is wonderful to do this work with the witness of other professional women who bring their experience and support to the group as well.

Anna, Principal, Consulting Firm


Anna I really appreciated Amy's combination of skills and values. She supports participants to think through work-related issues holistically, taking into account personal values, life journey, goals, and present reality. She is a natural coach and facilitator, so the phone call format works well; I was amazed by how swiftly she can get to the heart of a matter and make it feel safe to discuss. My time with Amy and the other women in the workshop was time well spent. I was able to apply some of the things I learned immediately at work and I have also been reflecting on the lessons ever since. I have recommended Amy to other women I know without hesitation. Thanks for a great experience, Amy!

Your investment:

Your spot in the Women’s Leadership Circle : $499.  (Payment plans are available — just ask!)

Apply for a spot in the Circle

Interested in joining us for this program?  Send a note to Amy, at   The group will begin in early December.


Tea with Amy

Amy Kessel, MA, PCC is a women’s leadership coach who is enchanted by those who play by their own rules.  She has helped hundreds of women rise through the ranks of their own work and lives, step by empowered step.  Learn more at