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How’s 2011 shaping up for you so far?  What are you doing different?

Here we are, mid-first week of the year, and I’m loving the freshness.  For me, the new year coincided nicely with the launching of my business and gave me an opportunity to reassess the way I approach my work and live my life.  Sometimes it takes a big shake-up for some of us (yeah, even us coaches) to shift away from what doesn’t serve us and toward what does.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you wait for a big shake up to make a change.  Do it now!  Begin by looking at how you’ve been running the show – and do so with compassion and curiosity.  How have you been honoring yourself?  How have you kept yourself small?  What’s working?  What’s not?

For me, sometime around New Years’ Eve I took a look at behaviors I adopted over the past year as I built my business.  There were some decent ones; those I’ll keep and strengthen.  And there were some really nasty ones, which I am releasing.  (This is as close as I will ever get to resolutions.)

As an entrepreneur working from home I have loads of solo time within which to get sidetracked from my path.  The internet provides me oh-so-many opportunities to get completely derailed without realizing it, and there’s always laundry to be done.  I imagine other folks indulge in similar behaviors.  (Can I get a show of hands?)

Here are the behaviors I can – and WILL – do without this year:

: Comparing myself to others.  Guess who always, always, always comes up short?

: Being distracted by bright shiny objects.  You know who you are, Social Media playgrounds.

: Working head down without paying attention to my body.  Ouch!  I’m now up and out of my chair once an hour.  And taking deep breaths way more frequently.

: Flying without a flight plan.  See Point 2, above.  Internet rabbit holes are not maps that lead us forward!

Be gone, soul sucking behaviors!

There’s also some good news I’d like to share.  Several behaviors have settled upon me in the recent months and I’m pleased that they seem to be here to stay.  This is the type of shift that can’t be anything but healthy – it happened without effort and feels damn good.

Here are the behaviors I’m sticking with:

: Starting my day with gratitude.  I spend a few minutes in bed, eyes closed and cozy, reflecting on what I appreciate most.

: Breathing, particularly noticing the exhale.  This is such a powerful – and crazy simple – practice.

: Using a theme to guide and inspire me.  I have a magic word that encapsulates my intention for myself this year.  It centers me.

: Welcoming help.  Newsflash: I can’t do it alone.  Nope.  So I’m inviting the support of a dream team.

: Recognizing where I’m at, and appreciating it.  I’ve come a long way.

In releasing negative and embracing positive behaviors, I have taken charge of how I conduct business.  And I’m struck by the level of calmness and gentleness I feel.  This is how I want to work and live.

How about you?  What behaviors don’t serve you, and will you leave behind?  What will you put in place that supports you and enables you to experience ease in your life?  How will this year be different from the last?


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    • Amy Kessel January 13, 2011, 11:42 pm

      Hi there,
      I’m okay with you borrowing from the post as long as you attribute it to me, with a reference to this blog.

      Thanks for reading,

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