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…and the winners are…

I’m sweeping up the crumbs, closing the doors.  Even the after party is done.

Exciting as it was, I’m glad it’s over.  I am catching up on much-needed sleep.  I’m remembering life outside my office.  And I’m giddy because of all the good juju that came my way this week.

It was phenomenal, connecting with many of you via email and Twitter and Facebook and here.  You were so generous with your support, your affirmation, and your feedback about what I’m doing.  I’m humbled by the outpouring, and so grateful for it.  Also all the cyber hugs.

Out of the launch sprung new connections, potential collaborations and ideas for growth.  This is the best news of all — beautiful new things are in store!  Stay tuned, and prepare to be pleased.

I’m the lucky one, that’s for sure.  Thank you, deeply.  All of you.


In other news, I have an announcement:

Now, ladies, the moment you’ve been waiting for.  Here are the winners of the giveaway:

Eva takes home the chapter from Danielle LaPorte’s Firestarter Sessions.  Go light that fire, Eva!

Lisa, Wendra and Susan each won a $20 Amazon gift card.  Spend it all in one place, girls!

You winners have been contacted by email so you know you’re the triumphant ones.  Thanks to everyone for participating.  I hope you’re all enjoying the Brilliance Guide being delivered to your inbox every few days.  Feel free to email me with questions, comments and flashes of brilliance inspired by the guide.

Don’t be a stranger,



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