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I provide the crucial support you need to call in the change you seek.

You may be facing new challenges, questioning your role in a primary relationship, or bumping up against your current learning edge. We’ll use your circumstances to create a real-time learning laboratory for you to integrate who you are with the leader you’re becoming.

In our work together, I’ll help you identify and align with your values, surface old stories that hold you back, and rebuild your self-trust.  You’ll learn to use, manage and restore your power by recognizing the warning signs of depletion, and by taking preventive measures that nurture and strengthen you from within. You will build the core leadership competencies that supercharge your impact and influence, and this will change the way you show up in all of your life, at work and beyond.

I work with women who are moving into a more intentional and authentic way of living and leading.

I believe that in addition to being extraordinary, effective leaders must show us that they are human. How? By asking for input, getting comfortable with higher risk, daring to be vulnerable, and making peace with failure. This type of leadership celebrates empowered women bringing all of themselves to the table.

You are this emerging leader.  And I’m here as your co-conspirator and their ally.

Tea with Amy


I’m firmly rooted in two equal camps : the intuitive and the intellectual. I trust my hunches, and gratefully offer them up. I also draw on my curiosity and insight to add perspective or an alternative view to an existing challenge. My coaching style is similar to how you’d experience me over tea at a cafe – incisive, compassionate, and direct. I bring fierce gentleness, unwavering respect and resonant connection to every partnership I create.

Credentials and Experience

I come to coaching via a career shaped by my commitment to social justice and women’s empowerment – this has been my fuel for as long as I can remember.  I move easily between the not-for-profit and corporate worlds, and love engaging with organizations that share my commitment to women by investing in their female leaders and staff.

Back at the farm


An East-Coast transplant, I have called the West home for nearly two decades.  I live on a small island in the Puget Sound with my two children and a menagerie of odd animals.  I’m blessed to have a life that enables me to do the work I love while being the mom I want to be; I haven’t chosen one over the over, and I cross-pollinate whenever possible.

I’m happiest on the dance floor, up to my elbows in flour, deep in the woods or lost in conversation.  I don’t do life superficially.  I’m hopeless at cocktail party chitchat … I’m the one you find in the corner, leaning in close and sharing stories.  I thrive on heartfelt, to-the-core connection.

Now you really know who I am. Let’s talk about you.